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A global digital power pioneer brand, in the United States, Europe, America, Middle East, Japan and so on, more than 80 countries and regions, we have a good sales network, and by the fashion Product functional design, top processing and consistent outstanding product quality is deep consumers welcome and loved.

Hundred shi through the main products include mobile phone batteries, chargers and mobile power supply, and other peripheral accessories; Digital camera batteries, chargers, and other peripheral accessories, and ni-mh rechargeable batteries, Charger, alkaline batteries, lithium manganese button cell, etc., and through the United States UL, the European Union CE, EK, CCC, GMP and RoHS, etc 10 many international authentication.

through the hundred shi pass (Hong Kong) industrial co., LTD., holding, in guangzhou, shenzhen, jiangxi build three industry base Land. At present, the BESTON · hundred shi pass in China regional production a total area of more than 140000 square meters, the staff more than 3000.

Jiangxi hundred special excitation electronic technology co., LTD. As the BESTON · hundred shi through its main members of the enterprise, and the municipal government of guangzhou jointly set up the "guangzhou rechargeable batteries research The center ", and has 120, the senior technical experts r&d team, five comprehensive laboratory, get r &d patent more than 300 items.

In 2012, the BESTON · hundred shi pass (China) brand marketing management center in guangzhou was announced, marks the BESTON · hundred shi through brand formal into mainland China Market sales, we will always keep "everywhere listen to" the customer and consumer service spirit and dedication to provide the leading Chinese consumers excellent digital power supply products and true Honesty and efficient products and services.